Touché: Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans, Liquids, and Everyday Objects

Touché proposes a novel form of capacitive touch sensing that we call Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing (SFCS). This technology can infuse rich touch and gesture sensitivity into a variety of analogue and digital objects. For example, Touché can not only detect touch events, but also recognize complex configurations of the hands and body. Such contextual information can enhance a broad range of applications, from conventional touch screens to unique contexts and materials, including the human body and liquids. Instrumenting objects with Touché is trivial: a single electrode needs to be attached or embedded in an object and connected to our sensor. In the case of conductive objects, e.g., doorknobs or a body of water, the object itself acts as an intrinsic electrode. no additional instrumentation is necessary. Finally, Touché is inexpensive, safe, low power and compact; it can be easily embedded or temporarily attached anywhere touch and gesture sensitivity is desired.




Peer Reviewed International Conferences (Oral Presentations)

  • Munehiko Sato, Ivan Poupyrev, Chris Harrison. “Touché: Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans, Screens, Liquids, and Everyday Objects.” In Proceedings of the 30th Annual SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Austin, TX, May 5- 10, 2012). CHI ’12. ACM, New York, NY. Best Paper Award

Video/Demo Presentations at International Conferences

  • Ivan Poupyrev, Chris Harrison, Munehiko SATO. “Touché: Touch and Gesture Sensing for the Real World,” ACM UbiComp 2010 Demo, Pittsburgh, USA, September, 2012.


  • Best Paper Award, ACM CHI 2012 Conference, Austin, TX, May, 2011.

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